8bit offers a unique product in the form of an NFT collection of delightful cards with heroes of 8bit games. We are creating an ecosystem for connoisseurs of art by offering a purchase for an exclusive token – 8bit. Our mission is that our token is used as a universal reward for 8bit art, as well as become a part of the daily life of every fan of the 8bit era.

In this shop you can buy 2 types of cards:
1. 8bit NFT Exclusive Cards – payment method 8BIT token
2. 8bit NFT Public Cards – payment method 8BIT or Fiat/BNB or other BEP20/ERC20 tokens
3. 8bit NFT Video Cards – payment method is Fiat/BNB or other BEP20/ERC20 tokens

Feel free to buy any amount of cards!